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ProStrategix Consulting Case Study

ProStrategix Consulting is a New York based corporation specialising in helping brands improve their online marketing through the implementation of tried and tested strategies and comprehensive digital marketing services. We had the pleasure of helping them develop their website, SEO and advertising campaigns. Check out their site here.

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A New Look For A New Decade

When we started working with ProStrategix on their new website, we agreed that they needed a new colour palette to fit with their innovative marketing methods and wealth of experience. As a result we took a simple blue scale with a fiery orange and yellow to help them stand out from their competitors and create a more compelling brand.

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Fast, Functional and Resilient

ProStrategix Consulting are set to take the market in New York by storm in the 2020's, which is why it was essential to us that they have a website that matches their caliber as a company. On Google Pagespeed, Prostrategix's website scores 90 on mobile and 96 on desktop! Website speed isn't the only factor that contributes to whether a website is good or not, but it's an important benchmark for us to highlight.

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ProStrategix Consulting Website Image
ProStrategix Consulting Website Image

A Foundation For Growth

It's no secret that websites should be seen growing over time. On top of that, they should be able to handle large quantities of users without taking a hit on performance. Thankfully, the website we built for ProStrategix has a solid foundation for growth and enough firepower to handle large quantities of traffic.

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