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Kids Bee Happy

Kids Bee Happy is the UK’s original sand art company, providing high-quality sand art products. We helped Kids Bee Happy get reacquainted with Facebook and Instagram advertising as a means of driving more sales to their e-commerce store.

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Support Where It Was Needed

Kids Bee Happy had had some negative experiences with Facebook ads when trying them in the past. We wanted to do everything in our power to prove their effectiveness when implemented correctly.

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Great Results for an Impactful Brand

Due to Kids Bee Happy having a strong brand and an amazing product, we were able to easily drive traffic to the company's website and generate sales and engagement at a positive ROI.

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Kids Bee Happy Ad

A Word From The Owner!

"Aidan is the most knowledgeable and helpful advisor I have worked with on Facebook ads. He managed to get industry-best results for us on only one campaign where other agencies had failed to get even the most basic results. Working with Aidan has completely changed my view of how useful Facebook can be for our business and the type of results possible. I very much look forward to coming back in a few months time to work in more detail. I would highly recommend." - Sandra Patterson