Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Ermana Natural Skincare

Ermana Natural Skincare is an innovative, up and coming natural skincare brand that we helped with social media advertising. You can view their website by clicking here.

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Rapid Fire Testing

We worked with Ermana on their Facebook Advertising. In this case study, we will be analysing a segment of our Rapid Fire Testing and how it helped Ermana Skincare.

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Audience Segmentation

Due to Ermana’s personas being quite close together from a targeting perspective, we only tested two audiences. Generating engagement from cold audiences can be tough, but due to Ermana's amazing products, it went down a treat.

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A Word From The Owner

"I would highly recommend Ambio Media as Aidan has a wealth of knowledge about the mechanics of Facebook ads. He ran a very successful campaign for my brand which has helped me to build brand awareness. I was thrilled with the results. He also very patiently talked me through each stage of the campaign which has given me a greater insight into Facebook ads. Thank you Aidan!" - Claire Grey