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Ermana Natural Skincare

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Rapid Fire Testing

Ermana Natural Skincare is an innovative, up and coming natural skincare brand that we had the pleasure of working with to improve their digital marketing. Specifically, we worked with Ermana to help them with their Facebook Advertising. In this case study, we will be analysing a segment of our Rapid Fire Testing and how it helped Ermana skincare establish their brand personas for targeting purposes.

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Audience Segmentation

At this point in Rapid Fire Testing (Phase 1), the goal is to benchmark engagement from each audience and pick a winner. Due to Ermana’s persona’s being quite close together from a targeting metric perspective, we only test two audiences. It can be challenging to generate engagement from cold audiences due to the low frequency and lack of brand awareness. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the results at this stage.

I would highly recommend Ambio Media as Aidan has a wealth of knowledge about the mechanics of Facebook ads. He ran a very successful campaign for my brand which has helped me to build brand awareness. I was thrilled with the results. He also very patiently talked me through each stage of the campaign which has given me a greater insight into Facebook ads. Thank you Aidan~ Claire Grey

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Widen the Goal Posts

The solution to tightly defined personas and working with cold audiences is to open up the flood gates, i.e. widen the targeting metrics to give the algorithm free range. Most people would tell you to be more specific, but often that can drive up costs and stall a campaign. The reason why this makes sense is that Facebook doesn’t just use the metrics you input to target people, it crawls the ad copy and scans the image to determine whom the ad should be shown.

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